Welcome to Motherhood, Honey!

img_0852Isn’t it funny how motherhood can change you overnight? I don’t just mean one day your at happy hour with your girlfriends, without a care in the world, and then the next day your pushing out a baby, walking around the house without a shirt on (because what’s the point), all while trying to comprehend what just happened to your body and mind. I mean, it like changes who you are, what you care about, what you stand for and boy oh boy does it create humility! I think these changes have been one of my favorite parts of becoming a Mama. Now I wouldn’t of called myself vain per say, but before having a child I may have cared a little too much about what people thought of me, and I may have taken myself a little too serious at times. When I say, “may,” please note that I’m saying, “I did.” I just “may” still be in denial a little…(working on that). When all you have to worry about is yourself, well… all you worry about is – yourself. Then insert these amazing tiny humans, and all the sudden we as Mama’s take a back seat to any concern, criticism, embarrassment we having coming our way. Its like a natural Mama Bear shield.

Today for instance I stopped at our local Coffee Bean for an Iced Tea. I had to use to the restroom because our next stop was Michael’s for Birthday decorations, (Side Note: as a Mom I urge you to always “try” and use the restroom when you see one, because just when you really have to go, that will be the one time you cant find one, or your stroller wont fit, and you practically pee yourself driving home). Anyways, I strolled my son into the single room restroom that was located adjacent to the barista bar; you know that area where everyone picks up his or her drinks? I locked the door and proceeded to do my business. While I was tinkling, I see Brady’s little hand stretch and reach up to hit the “Handicap door open” button, and the door opened to the whole entire coffee shop. Now mid pee, all I could do was scream as I locked eyes with a couple people waiting for their beverages. I’m sure they had never seen such white thighs in their whole life! And keep in mind nobody looks good sitting on a toilet, nobody! Here is my child laughing, even though he has no idea what he just did, while I’m trying to decide if I wipe and run, or if I just keep sitting until this moment ends. God bless the woman who ran over and closed the door for me, I really need to send her a fruit basket, (nice lady if your reading this, send me your address). As I collected myself in the restroom and laughed at myself in the mirror, I realized these are those moments and memories that you cant make up. These are the moments that shape you, build you, and change you from the put together princess you once were, to the Mama you’ve become. You can still have it together, but these little curve balls that motherhood throw at you are absolutely hilarious, all while building your character. As I walked out of the restroom, that very same woman who closed the door greeted me with a smile and shoulder rub and said, “Welcome to Motherhood, Honey!”

Just another example and another moment that prove this whole Mama journey is the most- wild, exciting, hard, yet rewarding ride you will ever go on. I would have died if someone would have told me a year ago this would happen to me, but today I walked out of Coffee Bean and waived goodbye to my audience as I said, “Well I think y’all have seen enough of me today!” You can’t buy this confidence, or the humility that comes with being a mom; I think you can only discover it. It really is a beautiful thing to watch someone like me, who cared a little too much about what others thought, become someone who doesn’t care at all and can laugh at herself repeatedly. All I care about is what my child thinks of me, and today he thought I was pretty hysterical!

Brady: 1 Mommy: 0

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Motherhood, Honey!

  1. Jill Coddington

    Motherhood is so full of challenges, hilarity and love. So much more to come ! So proud of you Tiffany and the amazing Mommy that you are. How lucky Brady is and Minas to have you ! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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