My Little Creation: Salmon Brussel Sprout Bowls- So easy I made them!

9C439F62-8E5D-4005-B361-57D744F5DADFI was amazed this morning when I woke up to over a dozen DM’s asking me for the recipe to this little go-to bowl, that I created a couple months ago. Since January, I have been on a major health kick and have tried to “Shed with Salmon.” I’m actually not a huge Salmon fan, but I am a fan of all its wonderful nutrients, so I just needed to make it “Tasty to Tiff!” You can doctor it up to your liking, but below is what I do. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think, and what you tried differently!

Salmon: Top Salmon fillets with pesto butter or lemon juice, or both for an extra kick. Bake in an oven safe dish for 30 mins at 400 degrees.

Brussel Sprouts: Make it easy and buy the pre-shredded brussel sprouts in the bag. Wash them and put them in a ziploc bag. Add olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic salt, bread crumbs and parmigiano reggiano (good ass cheese). Shake, shake, shake… make it fun! Pour the contents of the bag into a oven safe dish and cook at same temp and time as the Salmon. I put the Brussel Sprouts on top rack and Salmon on bottom. Please Note- I like my sprouts a little more cooked, if you like them softer do 20-25 mins.

Quinoa/ Wild Rice: While the above two are baking on the stove make Quinoa or Wild Rice.. or both! I like the combination and the fact it makes a ton and I have leftovers (who doesn’t love leftovers?!) Wanna Cheat? Costco sells packets of both combined, all you have to do is heat for 90 seconds…boom! I may have done that in the picture… may have.. which means I did!

When all is finished put a layer of grains in a bowl, top with the brussel sprouts and then the Salmon. Poor a little of that Salmon juice into the bowl and top with more of that amazing cheese and of course garlic. Voila, dinner! So good, so healthy and so easy! I highly recommend you have a glass of wine in your hand throughout the baking and eating of this.. just not during the shaking of the brussel sprouts… you need to really focus on the shaking (like shake weight style). Enjoy!!

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