The 1st Birthday- Brady’s Jungle Safari

I think people thought I was crazy when six months ago I started to plan my sons first birthday party. On their defense it was sorta crazy…he was only six months old when I was at Hobby Lobby loading my basket with jungle themed items. But here’s the thing, I live to be creative, it’s who I am, I show my love through creativity, and to be creative you have to plan! Since day one Brady has been obsessed with Simba from Lion King. If I had a dollar for how many times we have sang or watched the video for, “I Just Cant Wait to be King,” we would be millionaires. I can sing that song in my sleep backwards, and I have even created quite the choreagraphy. With that said, it was so easy to come up with the Jungle Safari theme. Let’s be honest, the first birthday party is really for the parents, and all their friends and family who have supported and guided them through their first year of parenting, so I wanted to make it extra special. My husband and I have been so blessed to  come from such wonderful families, it’s their love and support that has enabled us to be the parents we have become. We were so grateful to share this day with them. Now if only I could do party planning for a living, I would really be in heaven!

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