My Introduction

img_0547Hi!! Let me introduce myself, I’m Tiffany! I’m a San Diego girl- born and raised, who has just a little too much energy and too much to say, to stay home all day with a baby who can’t comprehend, nor keep up with his talkative Mommy. I’m a proud wife in a mixed race marriage (my hubby’s Ethiopian), a new Mom to Brady, who I’m sorry- is the cutest little guy ever (and will never have to spray tan like me), and now a new blogger. I’m a Jesus loving, family centered, stay at home Mommy who’s obsessed with interior decorating, fitness (but don’t be fooled, I still have one stubborn muffin top) and learning how to cook. So why am I blogging, you ask?! Well, in addition to learning that this means I can talk to more people than just a baby and a husband (who only hears twenty percent of what I say), let me tell you a short story to answer that question in full.

It was three months before my due date and my Mother-in-Law and my husband’s Aunt were throwing me a baby shower for their side of the family, after all this was the first born grandchild and he’s a boy (that’s a big deal).  I have you know my hubby’s immediate family is bigger than my family, friends and Instagram followers put together. Picture a big event- but not quite as big as the Ethiopian wedding my Mother-in-Law surprised us with, the day after our traditional wedding (a blog for another day). Here I am at my baby shower, still in shock that I’m the pregnant one everyone is celebrating. I never dreamed of having kids like most of my friends, nor had I ever changed a diaper in my life. The sheer idea of keeping a tiny human being alive was absolutely terrifying, I just knew that I had the most amazing parents, so if I was able to be half the parent to my child, as they were to me, then I might be ok.  Here I was opening presents all together in a room, as I opened a nipple brush up in confusion. I ran my fingers through the course bristles and faked a smile as I said “Thank you.”  My husband’s Aunt asked me what was wrong and my response was, “this brush…it just seems so rough to put on my nipples, like wont that hurt them?” My nonexistent knowledge of anything baby related, had me convinced that a “Nipple Brush” was for my nipples, I mean it’s called a nipple brush?! The room burst out in laughter as I sat there even more confused than I had been before opening this stupid brush. I was immediately filled in by everyone (including the 12 year old cousin), that the nipple brush was in fact for bottle nipples, not my nipples. Although everyone had a good laugh that day, I went home even more scared and extremely unsure of my ability to be a good mom. Who was I to think I could be a Mom? I had no idea about anything, how was I supposed to raise a child when I’m trying to use his bottle brush on my nipples?! I would surely mess this child up! I just knew I had a Mom and a husband who knew I could be a great Mom, but that didn’t seem like enough!

Well guess what?! Fast forward- I had a baby, I became a Mom and you know what? I am more confident in being a Mom than I have ever been about anything else in my whole entire life! I found out that I was meant to be a Mom, hence “The Meant to be Mama.” No one could have ever told me this, I would have never believed them. So I’m writing this blog for all the women who have ever been scared, nervous or questioned their ability to be the best Mom in the world. You can go from not knowing anything about babies, to the most confident Mama Bear ever! I’m proof! I know every day I wake up, that I was meant to do this. However, please don’t think that every day isn’t a HUGE learning experience. I laugh at myself daily, and I google the most insane things and somedays I barely get by, but I’m doing it and I’m LOVING it!  If I can give confidence and help one person, or just entertain my mom (because she’s my biggest fan and follower), then I’m a happy girl! So join me on my journey, learning how to be the Mama I’m meant to be!  Disclaimer- I talk like I write, and I never got above a C+ in English, so don’t expect proper grammar and sentences! It ain’t about to happen now, after all these years. #sorrynotsorry